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The Can-Am Flyers are dedicated to the perpetuation and enjoyment of model aviation in all it’s forms.  Our primary responsibilities are the maintenance and safe operation of our flying site, the cultivation of flying and modeling skills by our membership, and promotion of our sport within the community through public events.  Membership in the Can-Am Flyers club is open to everyone. Annual dues are listed in the application  under ‘Club Info’.  The only membership prerequisite is enrollment in the Academy of Model Aeronautics at the level appropriate to your age and flying interest. Applicants must provide proof of AMA membership.  Those with AMA ‘Park Pilot’ membership are welcome to apply, but are restricted by AMA to aircraft weighing 2 pounds or less, capable of speeds not exceeding 60 mph, and may not be powered with an internal combustion engine.  Therefore, we encourage applicants to obtain full AMA membership as skills and interests quickly evolve into larger models, whether electric or combustion engine powered.  We have instructors for new comers and welcome anyone interested in the sport of Radio Control Flying.  Our club meetings are held at the field on the second Saturday of each month at 10: 00 am.

GPS Coordinates: 28.298524   -82.310718  google map link

Gary Stuck  1944-2018

Club meetings are held at the field on the second Saturday of each month.

I was very sad to learn that GARY STUCK has passed away. He has been a great friend amd member since 2013. He really loved flying and the club members. Gary was instrumental in getting the new charging system, and the less dignified, Portalet.

Next meeting: August 18, 2018 @ 1000

Swap meet and DRONE race August 18, 2018 @0800

**Do not send applications to Paul. Gone until 10/1/18**

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Comments, questions, information or photos can be sent to info@can-amflyers.com

Last updated:August 2, 2018